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Apostille is a certificate issued by a designated authority in a country where the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, Apostille Convention, is in force. An apostille authenticates the seals and signatures of officials on notarized public documents such as birth certificates, court orders, diplomas, transcripts, and any other document issued by a public authority. The documents can then be recognized in foreign countries that are parties to the Convention. In the United States, there are multiple designated competent authorities to issue apostilles. The authority to issue an apostille for a particular document depends on the origin of the document in question. An apostille is a certificate issued by a designated authority such as the US Department of State or the Secretary of a State.

Check the link below to look up the countries that are part of the Hague Convention.


Health Care

All international students are required to have full insurance coverage while studying or participating in any of the ExchangeMate USA programs in the United States. ExchangeMate USA may offer comprehensive health insurance through our partner insurance provider upon request.

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Homestay Services

ExchangeMate USA offers homestay services to international students through our partner company StayMate USA. We provide homestay to students who come to the USA to attend an American high school, college, university or English school. We also offer groupstay and cultural immersion programs, where students can come to the USA to live with a host family for up to 8 weeks. Our host families are carefully screened and selected in order to ensure the safety and well-being of students during their stay. With our comprehensive application and matching system, we have designed a homestay program that is specially tailored to each student’s needs and personality. Our highly trained staff and local coordinators provide full support to international students in each city where our homestay services are offered. We guarantee the satisfaction of our students and host families at all times.

  • Single and double room homestay accommodation (based on student’s request)
  • Meal plan includes breakfast and dinner during the week, and all 3 meals on weekends and holidays (additional meals can be included upon request)
  • Special meal request (kosher meals, halal meals, gluten-free meals and diabetic friendly meals)
  • Educational guardianship
  • Airport transfer
  • Transportation to and from school

School Placement

ExchangeMate USA has more than 7 years of experience in international education, and our team has extensive knowledge in the American high school registration process. This service is offered exclusively to families who are moving to Florida permanently or temporarily and need help to enroll their children in a public or private school upon arrival.

We will begin preparing all documents for school registration while parents and children are still in their home country. After hiring our services, we will schedule a Skype™ meeting with the parents in order to provide more details of the process and answer any additional questions. We will also send the medical forms to be filled out by the family’s doctor in their home country. Everything will be handled in the most efficient and professional way, and the family will receive the entire registration package upon arrival in the USA.

  • Translation of birth certificates and the last 3 years of school transcripts
  • Immunization review and evaluation by an American doctor before arrival (ExchangeMate USA will notify the family of any missing vaccines before arrival so they can take care of it in their home country. Each vaccine costs between $70 and $150 in the U.S.)
  • Doctor appointment scheduling in the U.S. (All students must undergo a physical exam prior to school registration. The doctor’s visit will cost between $20 and $50 and must be paid by the parents upon arrival.)
  • Review and completion of all documents required for school registration, including school and doctor forms
  • An ExchangeMate USA team member will accompany the parents and children to the doctor and the school to assist with the process.

Visa Requirements

All international students who apply to study in an American school must be under the F-1 visa or F-2 visa (dependent of F-1 visa). ExchangeMate USA does not assist with school registration of students who have a tourist visa (B1/B2 visas), as it is illegal to study with a tourist visa in the United States.

Important Information for Foreign Students Entering with a B-1/B-2 Tourist Visa Who Want to Register for School
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These 5 months I spent in the USA were amazing and I will never forget them. I made great friends, learned a lot of things and stayed with an incredible family that I will always remember and love. This was the best experience of my live…

BiancaStudent, Brazil

I had an amazing experience on ExchangeMate USA High School Program. I had the opportunity to meet people from many countries, made many friends, including through sports in school and in my neighborhood.

RafaelStudent, Brazil

I’m very honored to have shared my life this year in the USA.  Here I met a lot of friends, some of them are local people and some are from different countries

MarshallStudent, China