College Placement


ExchangeMate USA offers a College Placement Program for international students who would like to continue their education in the USA after graduating from high school. We select our colleges based on the quality of academic programs and the level of support provided to international students.

All colleges offer guaranteed university admission after the first 2 years. Once students finish their A.A. degrees, they will be admitted into a partner university within the state. Students may also choose to apply to other out of state universities and will receive all necessary support during this process.

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Services Included

Multiple College quotes for student’s review
Assistance with College selection
Assistance with the application process
Document review to apply for Form I-20


Courier service to send Form I-20
FedEx® fee: $100
Assistance with SEVIS payment
Processing fee: $50 + SEVIS fee: $200
Visa interview scheduling fees
Processing fee: $350 +
US Consulate Fee (1 person)
$50 + US Consulate Fee
(each additional family member)


These 5 months I spent in the USA were amazing and I will never forget them. I made great friends, learned a lot of things and stayed with an incredible family that I will always remember and love. This was the best experience of my live…

BiancaStudent, Brazil

I had an amazing experience on ExchangeMate USA High School Program. I had the opportunity to meet people from many countries, made many friends, including through sports in school and in my neighborhood.

RafaelStudent, Brazil

I’m very honored to have shared my life this year in the USA.  Here I met a lot of friends, some of them are local people and some are from different countries

MarshallStudent, China