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Become a Host Family

Host families are a very important part of an international student’s experience in the USA. They are the ones who make this experience possible by giving international students the opportunity to learn more about a new culture and develop language and leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Being a Host Family is not about just providing students with a room and board, but to welcome them as a new member of your family. ExchangeMate USA Host Families are expected to include their students in their daily activities, build memories together and help them adjust to life in America. Most international students are eager to have a true American experience, learn more about the American culture and what is like to live in the USA. Having a loving and supportive Host Family is the key to a successful American experience.

ExchangeMate USA International Coordinators will be there for you and your student in every step of the way. You will have a great support system to help you with anything you need. All Host Families receive their coordinator’s phone number, a 24 hour emergency number and a monthly stipend to help cover the costs associated with having another person in the home.

If you are interested in becoming an ExchangeMate USA Host Family, please fill out the form and we will contact you soon!


Create a lifelong International friendship
Introduce your family to a new language, culture and tradition without leaving home
Grow closer as a family as you help your new son/daughter learn more about your family values and beliefs
Increase cultural awareness in your home and community
Help to change the life of an International student
Receive a monthly stipend per student you host
24/7 support


Provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment to your International Student
Be willing to share your family’s life with your student
Ensure an English-speaking environment
Provide a private bedroom for the student, with their own bed, desk and closet
Provide 2 balanced meals a day during the week and 3 meals on weekends and holidays (students usually buy their own lunch at school during the week)
Receive a monthly stipend per student you host
Assist with occasional transportation
Pass an interview and criminal background check

Host Family Recruiting Areas

ExchangeMate USA offers Homestay Services in several locations throughout the country. We are always looking for new Host Families who are interested in hosting our international students and be part of this rewarding experience!

Please contact us if you live in any of these locations and would like to receive more information on how to become an ExchangeMate USA Host Family!


These 5 months I spent in the USA were amazing and I will never forget them. I made great friends, learned a lot of things and stayed with an incredible family that I will always remember and love. This was the best experience of my live…

BiancaStudent, Brazil

I had an amazing experience on ExchangeMate USA High School Program. I had the opportunity to meet people from many countries, made many friends, including through sports in school and in my neighborhood.

RafaelStudent, Brazil

I’m very honored to have shared my life this year in the USA.  Here I met a lot of friends, some of them are local people and some are from different countries

MarshallStudent, China